AlexDest's "accuracy bruh" Thread

MA scores bringin ya back to 2010

all these are crossposts but i’ll update this thread with more recent ones

haven’t played this in years, this actually beats my best by 2p

might actually try for an SDP on this

not bad, the constant bpm changing on the long 8th note jacks were hard to keep a rhythm going

MFC another day

not even a re-MFC rip

tricky to MA for some reason

this was actually hurting, didn’t conserve at all


one more notch

I want to see them on J7+ conversion

gonna put this score here because this was a random attempt out of nowhere and i was just dying in the second half from nerves
biggest fluke of the year for me jfc

now for actual accuracy stuff:

sick 99.99 get, on stream too

getting slowly more consistent on ~130bpm chordjacks

there will be no black flag above my door

3 j5 perfects lmao

a month old score but had finally quadded this, gonna have to come back to this for the PFC

good maybe?