Abrupt Telephone Marketing [Release]

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Abrupt Telephone Marketing is a variety pack which is made by two telemarketers: 8230 and MEIDAN (well, it’s just a joke) , and it’s the 3rd pack for JDB (jj & dd’s bb), some files will be very hard, but ATM is much easier than JDB or DJB.

There are 33 songs, 59 files in it.and there are three kinds of song:
·20 N / Normal: Each have two totally different files, such as one is jumpstream, another is chordjack, so you can play the file which you would like better.
·8 SP / Special: Only one file, and it is special in someway , you may like this.
·5 EX / Expert: Very difficult, you can practice with them.

So here is the songlist

Something about songlist

· ‘cut’ means I cut the song.
· ‘5*’ is the star from OSU
· ‘5 chordjack’ is the MSD from etterna
· ‘★Hard’ or ‘★Insane’ decided which diff’s picture is on the right, it is downscroll.

You can click here to download ATM, too


If you find any bug plz reply

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that should be the best songlist picture i ever seen in this forum


Exactly what I thought as well! Good job.

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stellar songlist preview.

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but is it downscroll or upscroll. enquiring minds want to know

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