About Keyboard 4Butts

Hello everyone. I’m DarkDJames who responsible & made Keyboard 4Butts, a 4K keyboard simfile pack. It’s been awhile since SMO went down and didn’t realize that the pack got migrate to Etterna.

I was planning to release new EP, but since I’ve updated from scratch (EP1-EP9 but soon planned to EP01-EP09), I wanna hear your suggestion, critics or any words to improve this KB play project.

Should I go back from scratch and made chart for every difficulty as possible (EZ, NM thru Challenge for example), or just 1 Difficulty instead? I wanna hear your words. Thx.

You can always see updates, progress and previews on Facebook page : “https://facebook.com/kb4bsm” (For youtube it might be still active, but mostly on Facebook Page from now on.)

P.S : This was my first time posting around EtternaOnline forums, hopefully I’m not doing wrong this time.

for beginner content, multiple difficulties are good

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I don’t think a lot of people use facebook as far as i know, i recommend using twitter as a alternative.

also pls make a cd title image, not a lot of people will know who made the pack without looking carefully or hard enough