A Flower Viewing [4K Pack Release]

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Official Mirrors: One Two (Thanks Foxfire!)

Hi everyone. Pack release a year plus in the making here. And my first lol.

Wanna give a few shout-outs before anything else:

Dourgent: For helping with Ink and Blood. The notes helped a lot. Also for making me want to commit to this project in the first place. Your work’s been a big inspiration for me for a lot of this project.
Shadowgod: Extra help on Ink and Blood, really helped iron out the last few kinks that I missed working on Dour’s notes. Also, some of the collabs, such as the first solo in Mad Pierro.
Foxfire: For playtesting most if not every file in this pack. It’s really nice to have someone at a high skill cap to pass a file to, and get their feedback on how it plays, and parts that spiked too much. :smiley: (Really helped on like Ink and Blood, and Extratone’s Edit difficulty :D)
James May: Generally just making charting more fun again. Also for letting me bully the shit out of you for Pokari Freakz. That file was a sleeper that should have been in your own project. <3
Drago - Your Say-So file is the influence for mine, and thus they ended up kind of similar? I feel mine is different enough, but I hope you don’t feel like I stepped on your toes, or copied you with this. Your file was cool conceptually, but there were omissions and details I wanted to hit, and to be honest, I really like this Japanese one, I can’t say I like the English one quite as much. :smiley:
T-Force: For letting me snag Malevolent Mansion for the pack, and helping with the original chart that I remade into what it is now.

Everyone else who contributed. I simply can’t remember it all. Was fun to finally make and [actually] release something.

Song List:

Any-who, real notes about the pack:

  1. If there is an Edit file, don’t play it first. Usually these files contain sections I nerfed, or just thought would be hilarious to watch say like, Foxfire play. Or in one case, Fox himself gave me the idea.
  2. None of these songs were NOT made with the ability to rate them in mind.
  3. Some of these files are remakes. Some of these files are reworks of their originals, or simply files that never got accepted elsewhere, or rereleases.
  4. Boss Battle is a collab from Xoon Legacy between MarioNintendo and myself. The original submission was this one, but Kommi only wanted the Edit one, and released it that way. When Mario released his complete works, he released the Hard one, that was left out of the Xoon release, but without the Edit file (as I had apparently never sent it to him - oops.) This file is only here because 1. It’s fucking awesome 2. So it’s finally released as intended. Hard is literally just trills instead of jacks.

This project was supposed to only be around 10 or so files, but I kept having fun, and wanted to add a little bit of everything. Hopefully everyone likes at least one file. That was kind of what I am hoping for. Thanks to everyone who helped, or chatted with me about any of these, playtest any of them, and anything else I’ve forgot.

If someone wants me personally to recommend a few things related PURELY to my own files in here:

  1. I’d start with files like Ano Yo Iki, Battle Pressure, and Ink and Blood as they’re probably the most approachable here.
  2. Then I’d play say, Odo, Say So, and Just Like You as the base line for the more experimental files.
  3. Fear In a Handful of Dust is meant to be the finale, as it’s easily the hardest file here, and don’t let the ratings tell you otherwise.
  4. My personal favorite file in here from me, is Septette for the Dead Princess.

I’d also recommend folks not skip Twisted Swordsmanship. I really feel that file is gonna get slept on, but it’s a good time, and it actually rates really nicely if that’s your thing. But all the guest files are good, so honestly, don’t skip any of them.

Regardless, thanks for reading, hopefully downloading, and playing.

  • Kaho

Time to replace my WIP version, thanks for the fun!

It is indeed time


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