800mg pack submissions open

so yeah im hosting a pack thing

i don’t expect many people to be interested in this the but i don’t care

This pack basically is focused around waqs’ and waiting to die’s songs and remixes of their songs.

The spreadsheet linked at the bottom has much more information than this so give it a look if you are interested. The spreadsheet includes all the rules for submissions (same as below), a list of songs that are already being charted, and list of pages to look for their music.

Rules for submitting and things:

  • The song has be made by waqs, waiting to die or it can be a remix of their song (if you’re not sure about a remix or something, just ask me).
    If you’re thinking of charting a sample they have used (such as the guitar sample from I Don’t Want To Be Me) then ask me if the song/sample is significant enough to be included in the pack.

  • The file can be pretty much any type, dump, tech whatever. Just make something cool. I won’t accept meme files or files that are way too hard or unplayable etc.
    When you submit your chart, I may suggest some edits to the chart if I find it necessary.

  • Graphics are not required when submitting, but you can make them yourself if you want to.

  • Preferably don’t chart songs that are already charted/being charted.

Submit your charts on the discord server or dm me (ax#0074)
I’m planning on releasing the pack before 2021 so submissions will be open until further notice.

Discord server



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Cancelled pack