7E Phalanx - Pulse (Community Project)


"xE Phalanx, a variable group of electronic musicians is back, this time featuring (alphabetically): element.act, Kaebin Yield, Subskan, Tirriddiliu, UndaCova, vteb/DiE and Xanopticon.

Pulse explores the world of complex rhythms and beatprogramming in an intense 14 minute odyssey that builds up slowly from innocent spacey idm-like constructions to merciless experimental breakcore in 10 consecutive parts."

I’ve thought a chart for this would be insane for years, but never started it nor approached anyone for a collab because I thought it would also be a daunting process to get it finished. But then I thought maybe I could set it up as a project like The Last Huzzah and open sections up for other people to take a stab at. So I emailed Atomhead and asked about time stamps.

Well, I recently got a response and was able to make cuts.

Here are mp3 of the various sections, already cut so you can easily pick and choose. Once all the charts are done, I will piece things together, iron out sections and transitions, get graphics (if someone is up for it, I’d like to have separate backgrounds per section, a la Planet Karma), and release. Depending on how well this turns out, I may repurpose for FFR as well, since we have permissions.


Sections and Artists:
pulse_01 - Kaebin Yield
pulse_02 - UndaCova
pulse_03 - Xanopticon
pulse_04 - DiE (a.k.a. vteb)
pulse_05 - element.act
pulse_06 - Tirriddiliu
pulse_07 - Subskan
pulse_08 - Kaebin Yield
pulse_09 - Xanopticon
pulse_10 - UndaCova

pulse_01 -
pulse_02 -
pulse_03 -
pulse_04 -
pulse_05 -
pulse_06 - ositzxz
pulse_07 -
pulse_08 -
pulse_09 -
pulse_10 - choof

Really hoping this draws people in, loads of potential here I think.