[6key / Solo] DP 6K Converts Vol.1 Release

Download here

DP is a CN 6K community in osu!mania. I converted 50 of the files by those Chinese 6K charters.
All of the convert files are permitted from the original charters.
Have fun!



About the levels:

BG: Lvl.1~4

Easy peasy. You can play with one hand.

EZ: Lvl.5~9

Beginner level. The files include easy single streams and some slow chords. The files of this level help 6K beginners learn to read and hit some basic 6K patterns.

NM: Lvl.10~14

Advanced level. The patterns are more complex and faster in this level. The files include slow chordstreams, technical patterns and easy chordjacks.

HD: Lvl.15~19

Hard level. The files include chordstreams, delay / dumpstream, brackets, technical patterns and chordjacks, which require higher speed and better reading skills. This is the REAL 6K.

IN: Lvl.20~

ET level. Most of the files are over 30 MSD and only a few people can hit. They are really, really hard. There are a lot of DENSE chordstreams and brackets, MESSY dumpstreams, DISGUSTINGLY hard chordjacks, and SHITTY technical patterns.


Thanks for sharing!! paq!

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