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Welcome to the release thread for Tentative Anime Pack! As the title states, this pack contains only music that has been used in some way during the airing of an anime show. The fact that the songs portrayed in anime is crucial to the shows that they represent can’t be understated, and this goes doubly true for the openings and endings of each one. Sometimes they will utilize songs trending with current pop culture, or maybe they’ll create their own original tunes. Every song is memorable in their own right and we love 'em as a result. As rhythm gamers, we should be able to enjoy them in our own way - with a keyboard! It’s for this effort that this pack has been created!

In this bundle, players will find 61 fully charted anime songs. That means that each song included in this pack contains 4 fully charted difficulties to cater to players of all levels! Every chart has been assembled by talented charters, and playtested by players of various levels of expertise. Thorough review and great lengths of care were made so that technical accuracy, chart quality, and playability suitable for each file were the top priorities in their creation. Additionally, players will be able to enjoy fully animated banners and backgrounds from their respective anime series for all songs!

Before going forward, please be aware of these conditions to ensure proper enjoyment of this pack:
• It is highly recommended for the player to play through this pack using the latest Etterna build. Neglecting to do so may prevent you from experiencing the songs as the chart author intended.
• These charts should be played with CMOD only due to the prevalence of color theory.
• Due to the use of rolls, lifts, and mines, the player is recommended to play with J4 timing difficulty. Playing on a higher judge can cause charts to become impractical and borderline unplayable.
• Playing on the spawncamping-wallhack (2.2.6 and earlier) Etterna theme may cause the animated backgrounds and banners during song selection to behave in an awkward fashion.

Tentative Anime Pack Songlist

I’d like to extend my gratitude to Leo137, Suee, iamsmcs, LadleRam (Malice), Exy, and HappyButter. All of whom have provided their valuable time and effort into ensuring a high standard of quality for the pack through crucial testing and feedback, allowing the pack reach this final stage.

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