[6k/Solo] BCMP-ish Release!

BCMP-ish released!

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Songlist Preview (video):

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BCMP-ish RELEASED! Songlist Preview - Etterna 6key Pack - YouTube

Exy’s notes:

Welcome to BCMP-ish, an unofficial(?!) new installment to the Bemani Conversion Minipack (BCMP) series.
It’s been a long time since the last BCMP release (the Sirius pack), so it was high time somebody got around to making another pack.
And at long last, here it is!

Given the size of the pack, I just wanted to give a little insight into the overall concept we had for this pack.
Since there are a lot of IIDX conversions already, we made it a point not to include songs/charts that have been previously converted.
However, we tried to include some of the new remixes of old songs (Laser Cruster and Solid State Squad remixes, for example), as a kind of throwback to the older BCMPs.
We also did our best to include a wide range of difficulties, but truthfully most of the charts ended up being on the higher end of the difficulty (we converted mostly mid-range to hard IIDX 12s).
As players get better at 6k, the need for harder charts only grows, so hopefully some of these charts can help fill in the gaps.

Just a few quick personal notes:

  1. As someone who played IIDX for a long time, playing these conversions without random can feel a bit off (a lot of the charts are better/easier on random). While Etterna doesn’t really support shuffle (i.e. scores don’t save), it’s an amazing practice tool that will expose you to patterns you would never see in a non-shuffle chart. A lot of the charts are just straight up easier on some shuffles as well (AA Rebuild and X immediately come to mind). So definitely give shuffle a try.

  2. A bit more on the technical side, the more astute may have noticed that there are a decent number of scratch songs in the pack. The method we used to convert scratch patterns was to generally chart 16th scratches as [1232] and [6545] snakes (i.e. keeping scratches in one hand) while having the other notes appear in the other hand. Then, for balance reasons, we would move the snake between the left and right hands every 2 or 4 measures, depending on the chart. Check out the Level series if you’re interesting in trying some scratch chart conversion tech.

  3. Conversions are really quick and easy to make! Once you get into the swing of things, you can easily finish a conversion within an hour for a simpler chart. Just search the chart on textage.cc/score, then start copying the columns. There are some tricks you’ll pick up as you learn to compress the one extra column and scratch, but at the end of the day it’s up to interpretation. Personally, I think that so long as your conversion methods are consistent (within each chart and across different charts) and you try to avoid too heavy left-hand bias (most IIDX charts feature heavy bass hits on 1, so sometimes moving that to c6 helps to balance it out), anybody can produce quality conversions. If you want more specific tips or QA for a conversion, hit Leo or me up.

Big thanks to Leo137 for his tireless work on this project.
Leo did the vast majority of the conversions, all of the graphics (which look amazing), and everything to do with administration (taking submissions, QA, etc.).
Thanks to the other chart contributors as well:

  • Exy (Exag0n)
  • Dest
  • Jade5
  • tyrcs

- Exy (aka Exag0n)

Leo’s notes:

As last, we released BCMP-ish!
This pack pretty much started as an experiment on how well the converting process could be done to 6k.
Things went rolling really quickly, up to a point we almost couldn’t stop converting songs lmao.
It was very interesting for me to pick up on the newer styles. I feel Etterna in general is pretty lacking on anything from IIDX from the last 10 years or so.
Also, it was a good oportunity to analyze and transform charts to a lower keycount. We played with fidelity and compromises to make an ergonomic experience in the context of 6k/solo.
This is my biggest pack up to date to coordinate, and the one i had more number of entries, as much as they were (almost all) conversions, QA and embelishments took up a great time.
We had to keep a balance to mantain a soon release date. I hope it’s an enjoyable experience for you.
Thanks in particular to Exy for his massive contributions and expert insights into the pack output.

Difficulty classification:

  • Single Another charts were saved upon HD/Heavy
  • Single Leggendaria charts were saved upon IN/Challenge
  • Original custom charts were saved upon ED/Edit
  • Esoteric charts were saved upon BG/Beginner

Pack stats:

  • 111 songs
  • 125 charts
  • Average MSD difficulty: 22.82
  • Average footer difficulty: 16.47


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congratulations on the completion and release of the pack (!!!)

phew, it’s so beautifully and carefully assembled! the amount of effort put into the final product of this is incredibly evident - chart quality and their faithfulness to the originals are there, and the graphics are very well-done (and very easy to look at). i appreciate the consistency and quality of this entire pack. thank you to leo and all of the contributors for your hard work!!

play this pack! and don’t be afraid to shuffle these charts!! it’s half of the charm!


do keep in mind that the most recent etterna versions track rng seed for new scores which could potentially be used in the future to allow shuffle scores to be valid. at this time the seed is only used to allow proper replay playback of shuffle scores

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as of playing

amazing pack, amazing charts (some are incredible practice)

and very nice choice of songs have been picked out