[6K RELEASE! ] AZVW’s 6 Key mini pack 6 RELEASED!

update 20 th April, 2024: make some minor changes to files management, and update file links

My new solo 6 Key pack is out here~ but I don’t know if players here like playing 6 Key on Etterna or not… LOL~
Play and review / comment are welcome~

AZVW’s 6 Key mini pack 6 -HYPE FOR 6 BUTTONS-
FINALLY RELEASED 13 th Mar, 2020!!!

You can also download by clicking the BANNER


– Converted to OSU! Mania (full pack, pending status) DOWNLOAD LINK (All charts are in OD 7.5, HP 5)


  • AZVW’s 6 Key mini pack 6


This pack includes 38 songs in total, all charts are 6 Key charts.

This pack’s songs are my recent BMS charts of BMS events charts converts and BEMANI song collections but less direct covert now, and now have more HARDSTYLE songs for this game!!! This time also have a theme song that inspires how I name these packs.

This pack is aimed for middle skill, middle intermediate skill, and high skill 6 Key, 7 Key players of Keyboard. Average ★2 (Insane Lv. 2) based on BMS rating. It’s easier than my previous 6 Key pack.

Some related song groups I marked in title of each songs, are made as “BONUS STAGES”. Those charts are mostly mixed type charts.

In conclusion, this pack charts are made for casual 6 Key playing and songs are good for listening, so enjoy these packs!

P. S.

  • Some songs has included BGA video.
  • RUSH STAGES are continuous from “AZVW’s 6 Key pack 3 -SOLO SECTION-” 's RUSH STAGES, BPM of each RUSH STAGES songs increase 10 BPM continuously.
  • In this pack 6 Key charts in game difficulty rating are based on IIDX difficulty rating, those Lv. 12 charts’ difficulty are above ★1 (INSANE Lv. 1).
  • beatmania IIDX difficulty rate is from Lv. 1 - Lv. 12 (Lv. 12 are same as ★1 and above in BMS), BMS difficulty rate is from ☆1 - ☆12 (REGULAR), ★1 - ★25 (INSANE), and ★★1 - ★★7 (OverJoy, ★★1 = ★21).


  • Thanks Star* for your additional 2 charts.
  • Thanks 5argon for StepMania song list Generator to generate the song list pictures for my packs.