[6k/open subs] Sklitter Solo Pack


Working title! If i think of something good i will give this pack an actual title. (:

Solo doesn’t have enough stream tech and modern dumps. I want to change that by trying to bring my style over to 6k. Honestly I have to say there’s much more room to work with and I’m starting to enjoy this charting business again, so I thought Hey why not do a big project. Gonna try to aim for around 40 oc solo files and about 20 or so converted 4k files I’ve made in the past (i just wanna play bladee in 6k ;-; ). Difficulty is around 18-25 msd in the etterna solo calc.

The only rule I will set is of course you must submit 6k only, no other keymodes in a file. Converts from existing files are fine, as long as the convert is only released in this pack and not somewhere else (it doesnt matter if the oc is already published tho).

Also don’t feel too limited by the song recommendations, I will accept most stuff that is “dumpy” and unique enough similarly to files in my previous packs.

For submissions, please use my Discord. Also like my last pack alternate aliases or submitting anonymously is of course allowed.

Not sure when I’m aiming to release, it always depends on how much I’m working on stuff so it could be another release around august or december at the latest, also depends on how many subs i get :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun

Hi everyone, just dropping in to say I’m getting close to my original goal of 40 og solo files so the pack will be releasing around the end of september (I probably won’t do 20 converted 4k files like i initially planned because the style doesn’t really carry over well and it’s more hassle than just making new charts)

It’s definitely going to be interesting because the pack is now a mix of wildly different charting styles, so I’ll probably accept anything as long as it follows the music to an adequate degree.

I’m also not sure if I want to make this release part of the 4k “lore” (there is actually kind of a running theme i have in my older packs) so this will probably just be Sklitter Solo Pack when it releases.
Speaking of, there might be another project opening once this one is finished… :eyes:

Pack is released.