[6k] Involute Cluster


Welcome to the release thread of Involute Cluster. The theme of this pack is to bring to light the vast potential of what charts can achieve with a more open-minded and bold approach to the use of more esoteric note types and charting methods that Etterna allows players to play with. This pack’s charts will explore those possibilities with careful deliberation of patterning to ensure that each chart has its own identity and charm while maintaining a balance of familiarity with modern Etterna 6k charting standards. That said, due to the nature of the use of rolls, lifts, mines, and x-mod gimmicks, the player will need to dedicate some time to learn the charts’ nuances through gameplay. There will be a large variance on each charts’ learning curves. Because of this reason, this pack is not for beginners and is targeted mainly towards intermediate to advanced players.

Before going forward, please be aware of these conditions to ensure proper enjoyment of this pack:
• It is highly recommended for the player to play through this pack using the latest Etterna build. Neglecting to do so may prevent you from experiencing the songs as the chart author intended.
• Unless otherwise stated on the song’s banner, these charts should be played with CMOD only due to the prevalence of color theory.
• Due to the frequent use of rolls, lifts, and mines, the player is recommended to play with J4 timing difficulty. Playing on a higher judge can cause charts to become impractical and borderline unplayable.
• Playing on the spawncamping-wallhack (2.2.6 and earlier) Etterna theme may cause the animated backgrounds and banners during song selection to behave in an awkward fashion.

Since the default pack download link DOES NOT natively include background animations, clicking on the links below will take you to the download pages for charts that include them. Animated backgrounds are entirely optional. But if you would like to use them, you will need to download them from these links. Read and follow the instructions provided in the notepad file if you wish to add animated backgrounds to the charts.

BGA Links
Google Drive

Involute Cluster Songlist

Special Thanks
I’d like to extend my gratitude to the following individuals, without whose help this pack would not be where it is today:
• floflo (Suee), Leo137, and Exy, who have provided their valuable time and effort to ensuring a high standard of quality for the pack through testing, feedback, and discussion. Thorough brainstorming of new charting concepts have inspired the ideas that are on display in this pack’s charts.
• My playtesters, who have provided their thoughtful feedback and/or playing demonstrations for charts:

  • smcs
  • AllyDest
  • LadleRam/Malice
  • Gundam-Dude

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via Discord at Kinx#2468.

Finally, come join us at the 6K Etterna Discord where you can post scores and discuss topics related to 6K. We’d love to have you there!



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New kinx paq hype!!!

solord time

It’s nice to see Kinx and Gundam|Dude making 6k charts again. Hell, it’s nice to see more 6k love, in general. This’ll get me back into playing 6k again. Can’t wait to see what you all have done. ^_^/