[5k] DJ ReflecMAX RESPECT (Press X to Pay Respects) Package thread

aka We’re Not Taking in DJMAX Related Things

Submission Rules

  1. Target music
    1-1) original pieces from the REFLEC BEAT series
    1-2) excluding unlockables from BEMANI multi-platform events (reflec beat exclusives are fine)
    1-3) excluding licensed ones
    1-4) no music borrowed from any other games
    1-x) extended versions from the Original Soundtrack or artists’ albums are accepted.

  2. File Requirements
    2-1) chart file of at least 1(one) difficulty, with at least one of them having a difficulty rating less than 12(DROPNOTE scale) and no charts exceeding the difficulty rating of 15
    2-2) bg image of 4:3 ratio(width bigger than 800) or 16:9 ratio(1920x1080)
    2-3) banner image sized 512x160
    2-4) decent .mp3 or .ogg file (check your audio quality and volume)
    2-5) your cdtitle.png

Foreign Submission Guidelines

  1. Regarding styles
    5k charting is more akin to 6~7k charting than to 4k. Try IIDX styles to some degree and add your preferred ones like jacks, holds, et cetra. One style should not dominate the entire span of playing time, if not for some cases.

  2. Rating your charts
    DROPNOTE scale for 5k charts varies from 1 to 15 and over. You must be having no clue about this so asking for a test should do it.

  3. Regarding above all
    Send WIPs to my Discord id below(for fast response) if you want to prevent unfortunate rejections made by failing to satisfy the listed requirements.

And more…

You can ask for graphics(no cdtitles) in this thread for once or, twice and more? not sure lol
Submissions deadline is not set thus the release date.
And yes no DJMAX music.

Submissions, mp3 requests, and more questions to
Skype: live:ju4664
Discord: gumiya#9232

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this reply is for showing submission status.

kors k - Ground Shake
Camellia - Proluvies
tūmahaB - Lagrangian Point Ø
dj TAKA feat.AiMEE - Broken
remixed by DJ TOTTO - The 4th KAC DJ TOTTO’s SELECTION
Qrispy Joybox - Winter Gift 〜クリスピーからの贈りもの〜
Kaminose Tsukasa - 幻蒼彗星探査旅団
kors k feat. Yoshikawa Sunao - 7 Colors (DJ NAGAI Remix)
Nekomata Master feat. Shimotsuki Haruka - 黒紅掬い
MAX MAXIMIZER remixed by U1 undefined behavior - DEADLOCK -Out Of Reach-

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