[4Key/Open Subs] Project Alpha (Tentative title)

Yo dorks, James May here with another pack >:V

Welcome to Project Alpha (Title Tentative)! The aim of the pack is to embody the best of the community and showcase the best files in the community. The pack will be more oriented to tech files (akin to my two previous projects: The Void and Project 0). The number of files aimed for the pack before release is gonna hover around 40 to 50 files. Also, this isn’t gonna be MSD-minded like most packs, so as a warning to anyone that plays this in release, the pack isn’t gonna be rate-friendly for the most part. I am warning you guys ahead of time.
Just gonna lay some groundwork:

  1. No dumps :V We already got Minty 4 for that, I do suggest sending dump files to Lofty since he’s more versed in that than I am.

  2. If you restep a file, you better hope that it’s much better than the previous charts. With that said, it’ll be judged much stricter due to it needing to surpass the predecessor.

  3. I’m down for any song to be stepped. But NO Nanahira. Nanahira is illegal. Camellia though…depends. The chart better be fucking good tho. Also, Weebs get out :V (Means no anime. If you’re really hard pressed to send me anime, better be some banger shit like from Release the Spyce or something)

  4. While the pack isn’t going to cater to peeps who play rate-oriented files, don’t make super stupid patterns that’s also impossible to play. Stupid, yet accurate and technical, patterns are fine; but not the super stupid.

  5. I’m very terrible at gfx. I’ll prolly give some mspaint simple typography text when sending test versions of the pack out. If y’all want to make gfx for it, feel free to guys :>

  6. While there’s no simfile limits, the more you send (and have in the pack), I’ll be more critical of because the quality need to be up there.

  7. No released files. If you have a file in another pack and it’s about to release and this pack is in progress, let me know so I can pull it off from the pack list. I want the pack to be made from the freshest of files~

  8. Have fun in charting~ Ya can’t make the best charts if you don’t have fun with the song you’re charting!
    If you know peeps who wanna send files over, have them DM me on discord @ Cinco de Mayonnaise#4639

-Submission list will be posted in a sec :v



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