[4Key] El Paraiso


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Just wanted to say thank you everyone for the journey that this pack has went through. from late 2021 to now it’s been a turbulent time in my life and this was my project child after Project Alpha was released. Thanks to everyone that playtested the pack, submitted, put up with me, etc. Y’all are like a second family to me. It means a lot to be giving you guys charts ever since late 2011. Life hasn’t been the greatest but y’all help me get through it <3

Without further ado, here’s EP in a nutshell~

El Paraiso is a funstep project that has a mix of both tech and dump files in it, an expression of love in regards to charting. It took a step back from the more technical approach I took in Project Alpha and rolled with a more enjoyable approach to charting. There’s a few nods to certain charts and charters and some new approaches that involves going to version 0.72 for Etterna. Take the time to play it on 1.0 and enjoy the experience.

Thanks to:

Sam - for putting up with my shenanigans, for collaborating with me on files over the years and yelling at me for the many cardinal sins in charting I’ve done at times lmao. Godspeed Sam. <3
Mimi - Special thanks for some of the gfx you’ve done <3
wlp - For being the absolute beast in plowing through all the gfx in the pack
Ant - That Show the World gfx is banging, thanks for coming back and pushing out that gfx <3
Foxfire - playtesting the pooled files and yelling at me for committing crimes against the Geneva Convention at times when you had to suffer through my files sometimes lmao
XingRen - Your submissions are fun and enjoyable, keep flourishing my dude <3
debisco - Thanks for letting me commission you for You’ll B There, hopefully I’ll bump into you one day lmao
Kaho - You’re an evil bastard <3 Honestly, some of the stuff you’ve sent me for this pack are out of this world. I’m happy to also be working with you in my projects over the years
ShadowGod/Lewdy - You’re a fucking weeb <3
Mala - That chart for Random is the best Random file I’ve seen. Bless ya
Rina/Snaptopzippy - Let’s put on those cat ears and dance
Jolo - For some of your eurobeat charts giving an idea to how I wanted to chart Facade and give my own spin to it
Kil/Kommi/Midare - You guys have been my biggest inspiration for how I want to chart stuff, dunno if y’all are around anymore but
Everyone else - Thank you for submitting and being there <3


  1. Air Nad Adrian by The Flashbulg - Charted by Deamerai - 19
  2. An Angel’s Thesis (4Kids version) by The 4Kids Rap Crew - Charted by James May - 27
  3. Basement.C by The Flashbulb - Charted by Jade5 - 16
  4. Bermuda Δ Triangle (feat. The8BitDrummer) by かめりあ - Charted by James May - 25
  5. Come To Daddy (Pappy mix) by Aphex Twin - Charted by Samctuary - 22
  6. かわいい悪魔 ~ Innocence by JynX (original by ZUN) - Charted by James May - 26
  7. DESKTOP BUDDY by NANORAY - Charted by XingRen - 24
  8. Disorder by HyuN ft. YURI - Kaho - 19
  9. Eccentric Party Night!! by The Five Eccentrics - Charted by C4L3BT - 24
  10. end credits by Louie Zong - Charted by James May - 15
  11. English National Anthem - :england:
  12. Facade by Creep-P (feat. Odyssey Eurobeat) - Charted by James May - 26
  13. Flowers on the Trails by LieN - Charted by James May - 19
  14. Fly by Sefa - Charted by brug - 16
  15. God Hand by Brand of Sacrifice - Charted by Kaho - 22
  16. GYPSY IN MY MIND (sped up ver.) by Never Dull - Charted by SnaptopZippys - 22
  17. アイデン貞貞メルトダウン (TV size) by えなこ feat. P丸様。 - Charted by XingRen - 27
  18. Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez and The Scene - Charted by SnaptopZippys - 20
  19. Mandela Sound Effect by Srezcat feat. Kobaryo - Charted by brug - 25
  20. Meta-Mysteria by DJ Noriken - Charted by brug - 21
  21. 一回性二階席 ~STRAIGHT~ (Remo-Con Remix) by DJ TECHNORCH - Charted by James May (Edit Chart by Samctuary) - 29/30
  22. only a small number of reasons keep me on this planet and I lose a couple more everyday by I.W. - Charted by XingRen - 24
  23. Pälsmästaren by Slagsmålsklubben - Charted by Deamerai - 20
  24. 天堂のルネッサンス by 10lulu - Charted by Samctuary - 19
  25. Pentiment by Nothing But Requiem with Museo - Charted by Kaho & ShadowGod - 24
  26. Plizzanet by Baycunn - Charted by James May - 18
  27. Random by Sobrem x Silentroom - Charted by Malalaika - 21
  28. Revival Fire by you - Charted by Samctuary - 25
  29. Schranz K by Kors K - Charted by James May - 24
  30. SHOW THE WORLD (Short ver) by Yu Miyake - Charted by James May - 24
  31. Shrines by Foxsky - Charted by Samctuary - 25
  32. silly-willy-nilly by Katagiri - Charted by Samctuary - 27
  33. Skelechairs (Venetian Snares Remix) by Doormouse - Charted by miget - 21
  34. Sucker for Love! First Date Theme (trailer ver.) by Geiky, Chiisa, Xtraspicy - Charted by James May - 21
  35. Summer Breeze by Nate Blaze - Charted by Foxfire - 11
  36. SUPER SEX DELIVERY 2 - ENTER THE CUM ZONE by ReeK - Charted by James May & Samctuary - 24
  37. tape/stop/night by 砂糖協會 - Charted by XingRen - 24
  38. Telling the World by Nhato - Charted by Kaho - 19
  39. Theme of Ultron Sigma by Eishi Segawa - Charted by ShadowGod - 18
  40. Unwelcome Classroom by Mitsukiyo - Charted by Samctuary - 18
  41. Voices by Akira Yamaoka & Arkadiusz Reikowski (feat. Mary E. McGlynn) - Charted by James May - 24
  42. VS. Navi by 赤ヌゥ - Charted by Kaho - 17/19
  43. Wavetapper by Frums - Charted by Samctuary - 21
  44. Work Life Imbalance by C418 - Charted by Zeta - 12
  45. You’ll B There by Debisco - Charted by James May - 14

It is a big of a paQ time

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It’s finally here, hell yeah! I remember having a good time play-testing through this pack, have fun everyone!

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The package is here.


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