[4K / Submissions Open] VCC Pack

Hullo ! We’re going to be reviving the VCC Pack that was supposed to happen a few years back but it never happened.
If you want others to submit something for this pack, we highly recommend that they join this discord server
Invite link is here: https://discord.gg/8b2web6

We’re fine with accepting any files ( both .osz and .sm ) this time around.
The only rules are:

  • 4K only
  • No meme/joke files
  • Audio quality must be at least 192kbps

Additional rules if you happen to submit an .osz

  • Have a cdtitle ready in case your file is accepted

Since we also have GFX people, if you’re willing to volunteer to do GFX for some of the files in the situation that they don’t have a bg or banner, feel free to join the discord server so that we can ask when the time comes.

Submit your files over at https://forms.gle/gNEZV6fNqZTZByqu8
In case the form isn’t convenient, feel free to contact monheim#0908 or Drago#6685 on Discord since @monheim and @Drago will also primarily be the ones reviewing the submissions.

You can always check the sheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kHgl2urV9Cb_cMPB0y9VgUo7GUrU01HiIJNwByzPf_Y/edit?usp=sharing but you’ll get quicker updates in the Discord server.

Accepted files will be open for any possible feedback until the pack is released.

  • Maximum accepted files from a charter will be capped at 3

The deadline for the pack is not set, but once we think that we have enough charts, we’ll notify a week before submissions are closed.

Any further inquiries can be discussed in the server.

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Cancelled pack