[4K Submissions Open] Mark's Mappies (The Furry Takeover) Submissions


mark’s mappies is a tech/dump pack series in the works that i have wanted to make for some time, inspired by charters like skwid and velaachlorine and meant for medium-high level players.

name suggested by milla (thank you milla)
pack banner art by AEQUOR (swag guy!)

pack submission rules:

  • literally any skillset is fine, stream/tech/chordjack dumps are preferred
  • MSD of file(s) must be 20-33 on new calc
  • maximum amount of files you can send is 3
  • length of file should be at least 1:20
  • file cap is 15
  • joke file cap is 2 and adds to file caps (joke files should still meet the msd/time requirements)
  • recharts are allowed but only if they are on another skillset than the original chart/bring new ideas to the table
  • music for your files can be any genre (i prefer rap or unconventional music), please ping me in the server at the bottom or dm me on discord (@dumpstream) what song you are going to chart if you are charting it specifically for this pack so i can check if its good or not

file criteria (judged by me and nibby):

  • how fun they are to play and originality/uniqueness
  • how well the file represents the music it is charted to (this is the least enforced criteria out of all three, just be reasonable about what density/intensity/etc certain parts should have according to the song and you should be good!)
  • stamina-intensive files are acceptable to a reasonable degree (decent amount of breaktime)


  • i will handle gfx but you can provide a base image for me to use (optional)
  • file submissions will close when the sun explodes in 348 million years or when the file cap is reached

submit files to this server: marks mappies submissions !!!!!!! (click the link)

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