[4K Submissions Open] A Dance of Fire and Ice Pack

Original Post - 13 October 2022

Good morning, folks of the internet. I’m here to announce that I am opening pack submissions to A Dance of Fire and Ice (Pack)! The theme of this pack, as you may guess, is ADOFAI songs, specifically the boss-level songs from the base game, Xtra Island, Muse Dash, Crown Island, and Neo Cosmos.

Submission Process
Join this server to submit (no DM submissions unless you’re in the server): Toony's World
Here are some guidelines to consider when submitting:

  • I’m looking for some techiness to the file. Please do not submit endless stream dumps or generic JS/HS files
  • Please bring your own CDTitle and preferably your own BN and BG (if you can’t, I can help take care of that)
  • I won’t be taking multi-difficulty files for this pack, with the exception of vs. files. Sorry!
  • Although the songs are from ADOFAI, if the song has an extended play, please use that instead!

The deadline goal of this pack is by the end of June/early July 2023. The spreadsheet can be found here: A Dance of Fire and Ice (SUBMISSIONS OPEN) - Google Sheets

Update 1 - 16 May 2023

The pack has become inactive, but so has my presence in it. I’ve been caught up with college, but my first year is now done, so I can get back to charting and managing for this pack. I apologise for the lack of presence. The spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the addition of two new additions, and the deadline for this pack will be set to indefinite for now until 60% of the soundtrack has been completed. Thank you for understanding, and I sincerely apologise once again for the radio silence from me and this pack.

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So how many Heracles files will you accept? :thinking:

Hey so i know it go isn’t on the spreadsheet but is that allowed could i chart that and have it included

Hello! I have now updated the spreadsheet to include the two new songs. I’m sorry for the radio silence from this pack, and there won’t be a deadline for now.

If you want to submit the file and/or post updates on it, please join the server linked in the post!

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