[4K Submissions Open] A Dance of Fire and Ice Pack

Good morning, folks of the internet. I’m here to announce that I am opening pack submissions to A Dance of Fire and Ice (Pack)! The theme of this pack, as you may guess, is ADOFAI songs, specifically the boss-level songs from the base game, Xtra Island, Muse Dash, Crown Island, and Neo Cosmos.

Submission Process
Join this server to submit (no DM submissions unless you’re in the server): Toony's World
Here are some guidelines to consider when submitting:

  • I’m looking for some techiness to the file. Please do not submit endless stream dumps or generic JS/HS files
  • Please bring your own CDTitle and preferably your own BN and BG (if you can’t, I can help take care of that)
  • I won’t be taking multi-difficulty files for this pack, with the exception of vs. files. Sorry!
  • Although the songs are from ADOFAI, if the song has an extended play, please use that instead!

The deadline goal of this pack is by the end of June/early July 2023. The spreadsheet can be found here: A Dance of Fire and Ice (SUBMISSIONS OPEN) - Google Sheets

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So how many Heracles files will you accept? :thinking: