[4k Release] PreFiX's Cool Underrated Maps

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Hey all!
Are you craving some Banger tunes with absurd jacks and long-notes?
Then you’re at the right spot!

This is my first Pack with 30 charts, which took quite long, and contains some guest charts from AzraeL, Cherule, ChiMarky and SirChronus to give you a one of a kind experience.

It’s focusing a lot on Jack files, but also contains quite some CJ or JS/HS charts, and 2-3 tech charts.
Difficulty wise it’s quite mixed, but most of it is around 20-24, with some easier and a few harder ones in there for good measure.

Hope you enjoy it, cheers
PreFiXAUT (#7904)


paq moment

This paq will change everything

its already changed everything bro LETS GO CONGRATS

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I don’t know what’s in the pack yet, but with a banner like that I am sold.

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