[4K Release] Loaded Noodles

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It’s exactly what it sounds like. A pack full of holds aka noodles.
A lot of the files may feel somewhat odd since a lot of the sounds are expressed through holds. I guess you can call them osu! files for excessive usage of holds.
Since the focus of these charts are holds, there aren’t any mines so that they’re not necessarily a distractor ( basically sacrificing potential musical relevancy for playability ).

I’m aware a good majority of players dislike files where the primary focus are holds, but I had fun making these at the time so may as well just put this out there. With that, a lot of these files are over a year old so they don’t necessarily mean I still chart like this.

Songlist is right under this and I apologize for the number of Camellia and KillerBlood songs in advance

I’ve organized the files by the relative difficulty of the holds - both the head and the tail ( not necessarily by the MSD ); so Beginners would be the easiest and Edits would be the hardest. It might be a tiny bit off since there are multiple aspects of holds ( whether you call it skill or not, it doesn’t matter ).

Otherwise, that’s the pack ! I’m aware that this isn’t for everyone, but I do appreciate if you play any of them :>


I still don’t know how to feel about charts like this without release timing tbh
Too bad lifts in sm5 are too strict
then again I haven’t made up my mind entirely on release timing to begin with so :thinking:

there are some bits where I do kinda wish I can force release timing since it can give specific emphasis
but tbh I’m leaving it up to the players the way they want to play it

Are these noodles gluten free?

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