[4K RELEASE! ] AZVW's 4 Key mini pack 4 & 5 RELEASED!

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I’M BACK!!! After being a long time no activity of 4 Key charting… currently active in BMS, if you are also a BMS player don’t forget check my BMS charts of each events~
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AZVW’s 4 Key mini pack 4 -RENEWAL & COMPARISION-
AZVW’s 4 Key mini pack 5 -HYPE FOR 4 BUTTONS-
FINALLY RELEASED 25 th Jan, 2020!!!

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– Converted to OSU! Mania (full pack, pending status) DOWNLOAD LINK (All charts are in OD 7.5, HP 5)

– Converted to Quaver (full pack, pending status) DOWNLOAD LINK


  • AZVW’s 4 Key mini pack 4

  • AZVW’s 4 Key mini pack 5


These 2 packs includes 63 songs in total, 26 songs in pack 4, and 37 songs in pack 5.

These 2 packs are aimed for middle skill, middle intermediate skill, and high skill 4 Key players of StepMania Keyboard. Average difficulty is 23.

Pack 4 named “RENEWAL & COMPARISION”, the songs are from my previous & old packs and all charts RECHARTED.

Pack 5 are new collected songs from many sources.

Some related song groups I marked in title of each songs, are made as “BONUS STAGES”. Those charts are mostly mixed type charts.

These packs maybe the 2 nd, 3 rd pack that have 0 holds (?)…

In conclusion, these 2 packs charts are made for casual 4 Key playing and songs are good for listening, so enjoy these packs!

P. S.

  • Some songs has included BGA video.
  • M-Project vs DJ SHARPNEL EPs songs chart are 5 th rechart version… means each songs I charted 5 times since pre release of Overloading Stamina mega pack S, release of Overloading Stamina mega pack S, pack vol. 2 (1 st version, 2 nd version lost).
  • Included 1 pad style chart in pack 5.


  • Thanks Leo137, tera, XingRen for your additional 3 charts.
  • Thanks 5argon for StepMania song list Generator to generate the song list pictures for my packs.

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