[4K Minipack] Breakcore Princess

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Turns out that some things never leave you.

Breakcore Princess is a minipack of 10 charts, containing charts that I’ve created and revised from May 2020 to August 2020. This was the period where I started participating more in the Flash Flash Revolution charting community, and I was intrigued by how charters there express music without the use of long notes/holds. This pack was partially made as a personal challenge to see what I can do with minimal or no LNs/holds.

Most of the charts in this pack are fairly straightforward in rhythmic structure, though a good portion of them would still fall under “technical” – though mostly broken jumpstream/frequent bursts. The rest would fall under stream or jumpstream. There are two dump charts in this pack, both denoted with a pink CDtitle and placed in the Beginner difficulty slot. The difficulty range for this pack is about 18-24 MSD.

No chart descriptions because no one really reads them anymore and Etterna has a chart preview function that everyone should use.

There also actually isn’t much breakcore in this pack (4 out of the 10 songs here fall under “breakcore”). The name is a reference to how I’m mostly known for charting breakcore. And all breakcore is the same anyway, so no point in charting all breakcore for the pack.



  • stupud man/Elah and Tim/Valedict for the banner
  • VisD for his sync of Naive Hopelessness, permission to use some of his ideas from his chart for my chart, and permission for letting me have this chart in the pack in general
  • stupud man/Elah, VisD, Guilhermeziat, Tim/Valedict, TheToaphster, Lethal, Etienne, Foxfire, Vortex-, Don, and a few others for playtesting and general thoughts
  • Multiple people that I can’t name off the top of my head for appeasing my insecurities about charting over and over, but special shoutouts to VisD for being around to talk about stepartistry/chartistry/cartography/whatever
  • scarlet for letting me use their art for my chart backgrounds. Check out their work here: https://scarletgravesc22.itch.io/

Remember to keep the aspidistra flying.


<3 paqthread

You seemed to have fallen in love with holds for We are the Sound

Good change

People have to experiment sometimes to get better at what they’re obsessed with doing

holy shit you’re alive


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EO Mirror: http://downloads.etternaonline.com/packs/Breakcore%20Princess.zip