[4k] Choof Collection 4, also compilation

latest installment of stepmania let’s get it

choof collection 4: Choof Collection 4.zip - Google Drive

8 charts again, difficulties range from 17 to 29

banana doge_nelson - this totally needed a chart (there’s a bg video but just go watch the youtube vid)
Bluebeam - really odd song that I’d only call dnb because it’s produced by two dnb artists. the song plays on 11th notes and obviously I couldn’t do that so I used some math to chart it using 12ths instead (the chart is technically using 24ths and 48ths but the math is the same)
Hai La Noi - hard is owo tappies version, challenge is the unnerfed v1. this song goes so hard
Hard 2 Be - pretty ez machinedrum chart, fucking valentines stepmania chart in 2024 or whenever I made this what a fucking loser
Odd22 v2 - challenge chart is a really awful idea I had a while back and it’s basically unplayable, hard is kind of a mash between v1 and the challenge chart that is actually not bad
Pinokkhio - lmfao really weird bursty shit at 190 bpm, maybe ez to manipulate, maybe not
Trava Na Pica - tldr tried looking up the original artist for putaria but stumbled across this dude and man this track is funny as fuck. weird rhythms, both diffs are essentially the same but challenge uses 32nds for the “uh” sample. hope u like jackz
Untitled - insane extratone track from gridbug, very ez to manipulate but I felt compelled to chart this like this anyway

using the chart calculator thing as banners doesn’t really make any sense since you can just preview the chart in etterna and it’s moot for songs with multiple diffs so this time I used related stuff off google as banners

I also went back thru the previous three minipacks, added banners, and compiled them all together for a full release.

choof collection (full): Choof Collection (Full).zip - Google Drive

feel free to download either one. or both. or neither!


absolutely huge.


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