[4k] Choof Collection 3


8 charts again, main difficulties range between 19-25
musically this one’s a bit aggressive and three of the charts are minedodge; two have the minedodge chart as a beginner diff, one is straight minedodge.
and oh yeah most of these have rolls so play a version of sm that can handle them (or etterna)

Call to Jesus - rolly 32nd patterns, some polyrhythms, pretty cool difficulty spike. beginner chart minedodge, probably hard
Emiru Maniax - standard jumpstream affair, bit of a short cut
From The Darkness - minedodge crossbreed, scales very well on rates according to the few people who have played it already
Non Responsive - bit of a dump, first third is nastier than the rest
Return to Stream - experimental chart with very minimal layering, using single notes for kicks
Speedcore Fuckoka - this is the hardest thing I’ve charted in a while lol, very fast. at this speed I felt that some 32nd streams were too nasty so longer streams are charted using 24ths
Stuka - very weird song that I felt compelled to chart, the bass wobbles are mostly exaggerated
Wani - even more m1dy lmao this one’s kinda scary. beginner chart minedodge, probably hard

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hell yeahhh ready to play some bangers