2010 Time Capsule - Foxfire - The second coming

As you may know, I am retiring entirely from Etterna livestreams as of May 18th. Instead of simply disappearing, I have spent some cash to offer a full archive of a lot of different content I’ve created over the years.

This archive includes:

  • All Etterna livestreams I managed to save from 2018-2023
  • All edited videos and highlights I’ve ever created
  • All screenshots of SM/Etterna from 2009-2023
  • A never released pack from 2010-2011
  • Stream related artwork
  • Fan Art

Pack backstory:
The year is 2010, and months after the death of FFR’s servers, my attention shifts significantly towards StepMania. After releasing an absolute steaming mess in the BlueXoon community of 60bpm rainbow garbage to songs that were very much not 60bpm, I reflected and figured out some very basic concepts. Those being that BPM is a thing that exists, and that I could kinda find it using a tool called “Mixmeister BPM Analyzer.”

From 2010 to 2011 I made around 20 files, some of which were to my own music I made at the time. In the end however, I never ended up releasing the pack. This is why now, after well over a decade, I am digging up the time capsule and releasing it to the world. While none of these files are going to wow anyone, I do think it’s an interesting look into a very different time. A time where I could make silly things, with no other influence, just for the fun of it. As an added bonus I included a rejected 2012 FFR submission, which as I recall was just a bit bland for the judges so I got 5s for it at the time.

SongList Generator

Anyway, enjoy taking a look at some old history. Also, files with multiple difficulties often have big spikes on the hardest one, so be careful.


gonna miss your streams

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Finally, I get to do it to foxfire too.


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I will miss you man.

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:saluting_face: thanks for the streams dude


Maybe somebody should pin this thread.

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sad to see you go :[

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