2 of my best days (not in order)

this is the session of all time

^my first aquaris 1.3 pass

Fuck this file ^

^ pretty solid cold breath run improvable in future

^ really stupid stream consistency and pa probably one of the best scores here

^ mono logic 1.1 is just fucking crazy also considering I can 95 it (the first stream is some of the most outlier gameplay I have ever commited)

^ fast shit

^1 minute stream type shit

^ if I AA this this is definitely in my top 15 best stream scores ever

^ love is orange is easy for me but I know for other top players this is very solid

1.4 soon :tm:

^nobody knows this file but its really fucking hard and I thought my 93 was already some dope shit

^dont have much to say about this other than that its kinda solid

^ cool example of me showing capability with the 500 bpm echelon of streams

AND THIS IS IT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, probably my best stream and score ever (yeah I saved the best for last) in general no idea how the fuck I got it. Thought it would’ve taken me much longer to get THIS drastic of an improvement from my already insane session in December where I AA’d pine nut but yep here we are.
This is truly a huge outlier from probably any score I will set for the for seeable future.

I just wanted to make this to show how fucking good I am at this game not much else.


did you scream when you got 25 disney songs