147 is the magic number

This number appears to be magical. It’s the number of points required for a maximum break in snooker… and also happens to be the unit number for my work … [Billy Mays] “but wait, there’s more!”

I was looking at timing data for scores on White Flag (a la Mina Minimegapack 1) because I was curious to find out how people handled -that- minijack. My ‘exhaustive’ research of the top 5 scores oddly found that in EVERY case the judgements were separated by 147 milliseconds.

Surely this isn’t a coincidence? Is this a polling rate limitation or does this have to do with Etterna itself? Curious…

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Etterna polls only 7 times a second; once for each of the 6 judgments, and one more for no judgment (empty tap). There isn’t really any reason to poll more than that, so for responsiveness reasons we don’t. We pride ourselves on being a performance oriented client, so wasted cpu cycles are gutted as much as possible to ensure smooth play.

i poop 147 times a day

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Oh my god the gap was 14.7 milliseconds >_<

I was like the game definitely polls more than 7 times a second it’s closer to 68 per second based on that no?


dynamo, your sound card does not drift much at all. congratulations
etienne’s plays back at 44097 samples per second
shadow’s plays back at 44093 samples per second

etienne hit a 64ms minijack
dynamo hit a 72ms minijack
shadow hit a 77ms minijack

I…okay the game doesn’t really “poll”, it pulls from actual input time and has no problem registering hits within fractions of a millisecond. Look at replay data on dense chordjack files and that will be apparent very quickly. There is just a limit to how fast humans can reasonably hit a minijack. Save for an extremely lucky hardware actuation surf, it’s doubtful you’re doing much better than a few dozen ms between the notes in the absolute best physical case,