[10k/pump double] frjmol jnok

hey look a 10k pack
link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13DgjvJqBSdAzPlCFdKbU8Wm4a2PpTQSO

featuring extremely high quality mspaint gfx

this thing was originally created for osu, with relatively low qa and the goal to motivate people to make more 10k charts

unfortunately, i could only get two other people on board with this, but big thanks to u_e and DesKurisu for contributing

i used the song list generator thing but it didn’t have a pump double setting so you get solo rulz instead

difficulty numbers are very rough estimates based on the 10k2s bms table

an osu-use song list can also be found here in the form of a spreadsheet instead of an image and using osu difficulty numbers, if you’d prefer that

also, this pack was first converted with BilliumMoto’s converter before being fixed up in av, so credit to him

one of these days i will think of funny subtitles