0.025 rates when?

Title. Also is it worth it?

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can’t wait to farm

that sounds like not the best idea. it’d let you farm the exact same pattern too much. quarter rates are similar enough in playability that rounding up or down to the nearest halfrate arent going to make or break what you can do in most cases.

Maybe if it was unranked, arbitrary ratemods of any value could be interesting, but if online leaderboards are concerned, i think halfrates are good enough

2.5% speed of actual mp3 should go like something from the Inception movie

There are some charts that jump a whole 2 MSD when increasing by 0.05 rate. Need to hit that sweet spot, ya know?

then later we can have 0.0125 rates, and 0.00625 rates, then 0.003125 rats, then 0.001562555 rtats. .the;;n 0.t00077781255555ate;ds’'s;;oilajkfal

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what about irrational rates, man I wanna play my shit on π or √2


with the right changes to metrics you can have any rate you want