Zenith (Created by Midiman and SSC, port by RyanGarsee)


Zenith v1.4:
Download here… https://github.com/RyanGarsee/Zenith/releases/download/1.4/Zenith.1.4.zip

:point_right: NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE TO MOVE YOUR SETTINGS OVER IN THE “Save” FOLDER FROM THE “Zenith version 1.3_settings” FOLDERS TO THE “Zenith_settings” FOLDERS WHEN UPDATING. :point_left:

Zenith is a modification of 'Til Death’s codebase that aims to recreate an old theme from StepMania 5 as much as possible in look and feel.

•Pre-title screen banner
•Startup noise (changeable by replacing startup.ogg in \Sounds)
•Fixes for LOTS of bugs (including the errors that pop up every screen)
•Fixes that make multiplayer mostly playable
•And more that I’m too lazy to write

Thanks to:
•poco0317 & Nick12: help with scripting and porting the original theme
•Sklitterbeer & Providence: inspiration, ideas, etc.
•Everyone that’s downloaded the theme and tested it so far! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Previous Zenith changelog: (v1.3)
•Music wheel from original theme (boy that took a while)
•Revamped tabs. ALL THE TABS.
•Fixed a couple bugs regarding text positioning and backgrounds not loading.
•Made it so that the theme no longer requires a modified fallback theme.

To update or install:
Extract the zip file to your Zenith folder (or a folder named Zenith in installation directory\Themes, I don’t discriminate). REPLACE EVERYTHING.

The title screen:

Music selection screen:

Evaluation screen:

Gameplay will look mostly the same as 'Til Death.

Happy arrow smashing! :wink:


big ups ryan, love the nostalgia from 2015. keep up the good work!



are you on .65?


i’m on 0.65.1 (sorry for replying late)


Theme’s only compatible with .64 for now