Trying to cheese jumpstream rating


I pretty much can’t do jumpstream at all as my playing style, one-handed using 2 fingers, makes this much more difficult. Jumps are not tricky as such, but jumps takes twice as many fingers and there are no extra fingers left, so keeping up at the same speed as normal stream is near impossible. (I’m going to assume most aren’t familiar with this playstyle.)

But I will see what I can do to improve my Etterna Online rating anyway. On the bottom of the jumpstream list in the profile view with a 90% score:

Wait what? This chart has no jumps and of course no hands either… Now I guess why I even have a rating for handstream…

Ignoring that chart, let’s try to find some charts with a low overall rating, but still having some jumpstream. Starting off with rate 0.9x as a precausion.

Well, that went awful. Most of the chart is fine, and then it goes just a bit too crazy with the jumps at the end, ruining any chance of an useful score.

I’m actually quite pleased with this score, this is such a challenging chart to do. Fast jumps, bunch of holds which requires you to get creative with the playstyle to keep up speed/do crossovers, and hands sprinkled all over the chart. Hands get very tricky with only two fingers, three out of the four possible hands can be done by hitting two keys with one finger, but the Left-Up-Right either requires you to lay down you hand and hitting the Left key with your finger joint, or make a fast sideway motion to slide the finger off the Up key to hit the Left key as fast as possible. Either motion is awkward. And for the other combinations, hitting two keys isn’t easy either.
The score still only barely made an impact on my rating though…

This chart had a lot of jumps and a jumpstream rating of 11.78, but it didn’t seem to affect my online rating at all. Bummer

This one did have an impact on my rating, but I can’t do some of the patterns. Consecutive 8ths jumps are fine, but I easily mess up with they are chained together with 16th streams. Lets try to lower the rate to get a better score:

And Wife improved from 90.51 to 90.74, how pointless…

This one had an impact on my rating as well. The chart is basically a bunch of easy jumps, and then in a few spots there are these 32nds staircase notes I just have no chance to do. Look at that MA/PA ratio on a 90% score : P
Since I can’t do those parts anyway, what if I just accept that I can’t do it and increase the rate?

That actually worked, the score rating increased from 13.26 to 13.58. Going to rate 1.2 caused a few more misses in the staircases, so it started to drop a little bit to 13.45 though.

This only has a few jumps, but still has a jumpstream rating of 10.3, so it still managed to improve my rating a little. These jumpstream ratings makes no sense…

This is a more traditional jumpstream file, but at a slower 155 BMP and most of the jumpstream with 16th notes is in small burst so I can keep up with most of it, but there are still those sections which I just keep messing up at. It did improve my rating a bit, but improving my score here isn’t going to be easy.

I really like this chart, I used to play it a bunch back when I played with 3 fingers. Rate 0.8 just isn’t fun, but except for the end it feels pretty solid, I can hit all the patterns and even get the hands as well. The end is a bunch of small sections starting with a hand followed by single steps, and while I manage to get the hand it sets me up poorly for the following notes.
Rating wise, this did nothing even though its high jumpstream rating. My score at 1.0 rate actually gives a higher rating at 13.76, but that did nothing as well.

So in conclusion, this endeavor was pretty useless. I managed to push my overall rating from 13.86 to 13.97. For most jumpstream charts, they end up having a bunch of hands as well, or otherwise just being impossible for me to get a worthwhile score on, or even just pass. And of some reason, stream and/or stamina charts tends to get rather high jumpstream ratings, which are vastly easier for me to get good scores on as they just rely on speed. So if rating was all I cared about, I should just stop playing charts with jumps, which is a bit sad.

For improving my rating, I find it is much more constructive just to download a few song packs and randomly play charts with high ratings that seems plausible to get a decent score on. And then you hit some chart:

and my online rating increased from 14.22 to 14.42 for no apparent reason. (This is a few days later.) I’m also a bit sad the rating cuts off at 96.5%, I don’t think the score above is solid but there is no carrot for improving it further.

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