The First Glass Beach Album Pack [Submissions Open!]

Hey all, Ptet comin at ya with an album pack.
I know most people don’t tend to care about packs like these, but this is a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. If you like glass beach or want to contribute feel free to claim a track to step.

Submit files/Claim tracks via discord @ Ptet#1337. If this project ends up requiring it I may create a discord server, which will be linked [here] in the unlikely event that I do.


  • You are only allowed to chart songs from this album (with a few exceptions, see bottom of song list).
  • Any type of file is allowed as long as it is charted well.
  • Once someone claims a song you cannot step it unless you ask that person for permission to either collab or do a VS with each of your charts on a different difficulty. Said person reserves the right to tell you no.
  • There is no planned release date or submission deadline. I want this to be as good as it possibly can be and will only release when I feel satisfied with every aspect of it. That being said, you should probably hurry up and claim your preferred track before someone else does.

Track list:

  1. clasic j dies and goes to hell part 1 [CLAIMED]
  2. bedroom community [CLAIMED]
  3. (forever???) [CLAIMED]
  4. bone skull
  5. neon glow [CLAIMED]
  6. cold weather [CLAIMED]
  7. calico [CLAIMED]
  8. glass beach [CLAIMED]
  9. (blood rivers) [CLAIMED]
  10. dallas
  11. (rat castle) [CLAIMED]
  12. planetarium [CLAIMED]
  13. soft!!! [CLAIMED]
  14. yoshis island
  15. orchids [CLAIMED]
    I am also accepting submissions for any of the singles the band has put out to be included as bonus files. You can find them here, and here. They also have a large collection of demos you can select from, which can be found here (I recommend checking the extras folder).

— NOTE ABOUT STEPPING DEMOS: Most of the demos are WIP versions of songs that appear on the final album. If you do choose to step a demo, please choose one that sounds completely different from the album version of the song, such as this old version of planetarium or the original version of rat castle.

Please check the spreadsheet for the most up to date version of this listing plus high quality download links and stems for each song.


just listened to this album, very excited for the pack!


I gave this album a listen and I can say I can’t wait for this pack.This album is an absolute banger for me.


Update for you all: As of today I am resuming working on this pack full-time. I lost motivation for a couple of months but recently found the motivation to work on it again. Given this and the sudden influx of submissions the pack should (hopefully) be out by the end of the year.

I have also slightly expanded what kind of content the pack allows, so for those of you who want to submit but missed all the good songs, check the bottom of the tracklist.