[Release] Ryan's Radical Residence

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14 really radical files I made over the span of near of a really radical year. Really radical eclectic patterning. It’s mostly really radical remaps. Radical.
Fixed some really rancid issues with this really radical pack as of 5/21/23.

Really Radical Songlist

clipping. - Story 2 17.87MSD (Jack)
Le Perche Oreille - La joyeuse danse industrielle 20.35MSD (Technical)
The Flashbulb - Mellann 20.84MSD (Technical)
Silvia - Vertex Beta 21.81MSD (Jumpstream)
Renard - THIS JELLY 22.86MSD (Jack)
The Flashbulb - DIDJ PVC 22.56MSD (Technical)
Terminal 11 - The Bird’s Midair Heatstroke 23.15MSD (Technical)
Renard - Ganja Massive 22.67MSD (Jumpstream, Jack)
Remo-con - Matt Silver 23.53MSD (Jack)
DETRO - Volcanic 24.44MSD (Jumpstream)
Cyclone - Arcanoid 23.54MSD (Jumpstream)
Furries in a Blender - Valentine 24.68MSD (Stream)
Super Psychic Fujy - Dark Avatara Beam (Les Dos-on Remix) 26.31MSD (Jumpstream)
RushJet1 - Afraid of Darkness 29.81MSD (Stream)