Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Round 3 voting

Round 3 voting has begun! 12 people have submitted their charts, each with their own unique take on the song, you can download all the Round 3 charts here:

Round 3 charts

Cdtitles are labelled with any specific requests for the chart a charter gave. (CMOD or XMOD etc). If a charter gave me no info, it will just be the name! (Unless I noticed in the editor that it is very very very clearly focused towards one or the other)

You can vote using the form below!

Voting form
Voting will last until the 11th of May!
To charters, obviously do not reveal which chart is yours, even if you figure it out.

Don’t harass or attack any charters. Feedback is fine, but don’t be a twat about it

If there are any problems, same as always, just message me on the forums here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Round 3 play-through complete and votes cast! Thanks once again to the submitters, it was interesting seeing how people approached a number of areas in this song, particularly the slower isolated part near the midpoint.

I have more sense of urgency for charting round 3 than i did for my Earth and Space science assignment :skull: :skull: :skull:

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You weren’t the only one either lol, it seemed a lot of people felt that same pressure

Tbh, at least in my case, it is creatively very taxing to produce a new chart every week while keeping it high enough effort to not be embarrassing to submit, I’m definitely not used to creating new stuff regularly as opposed to bursts of activity/inspo. I knew what I signed up for, but damn, the endurance fest is real.

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Yeah, that was kind of the intention. It was designed to be a week of charting, and a week break, so it wasn’t a consistent grind, but still felt taxing on a charter, to help get them used to charting under pressure (It was in part because of how busy I am, and part because a lot of charts get finished after a pack host dm’s a submitter 1 day before release asking for updates and the charter suddenly has to work under pressure and I wanted this tournament to somewhat slightly resemble that type of pressure to finish charts. Mainly my busy schedule though.)

The last round will likely be the hardest for people - intentionally.

Everyone involved is doing great though, even people who ran out of time, its nice to see so many different approaches to the music each time

For me, the main struggle has been relying on myself to review and septuple check every last corner of the file to make sure it’s consistent and there’s no goofy stuff going on, as opposed to getting it playtest-ed or reviewed by another person. I am not a detail oriented person and I struggle a lot with finding little mistakes and inconsistencies in anything that I create so this is definitely good practice for that. (Try as I might, I still notice all the faults immediately after I turn in the final product, no matter what it is lol.)

voting has ended, round 4 will begin shortly, and the standings will be posted in the round 4 thread