Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Round 2

Welcome to round 2 of ECT2023! Everyone who has entered should have received an email with the synced .sm and audio file! If you can’t find it, check spam!

From this round on, I expect a submission. If you don’t submit, you won’t be in the event anymore, I will consider it the same as willingly leaving the event. This track is going to test your ability to chart more consistent repeating music, and I look forward to seeing how everyone varies in their approaches!

Round 2’s song is “Vocaloid’s Got Talent” by “J-CORE SLi//CER”! Check it out below!

Just for clarity, I’ll go over the rules each round!

What ISN’T allowed:

No insulting/attacking other peoples entries
No harassment or bullying of any charters or organisers involved.
Must be a 4k (4 key) chart
You must submit the chart as a .sm or .ssc file. If you’re from another rhythm game, I’m sure there are many ways to convert your filetype to .sm/.ssc
No cutting the music. (The music is at most 3 minutes, don’t worry)
You may alter the provided sync however you like, but if the chart is off sync it will be disqualified
From round 2 onwards, you MUST submit a chart each round or you will be removed from the event.
Sharing your chart before the end of the event, to avoid people knowing who made what.
If making modcharts, don’t put anything malicious in them (Obviously)
Collaborations are not allowed
Didn’t think i’d need to add this but don’t be a twat and judge peoples charting speed by looking at the dates of a submission (seriously, come on)

What IS allowed:

Dumping is allowed.
Gimmicks (Such as the cmod gimmick or “rolltech” and other obscure playstyles).
Modcharts (Including lua stuff).
Xmod charts.
Visual things (such as colour theory).
Any other creative/unique thing you can do with a song, so long as it uses the required formats (.sm or .ssc)

You have until the 20th of april to chart this track. ^^
Best of luck, everyone! I can’t wait to see peoples approach!
If you have any questions or complaints, you can leave them in this thread OR send me a message privately on the forum and I’ll answer them

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Round 1’s results are as follows!

Whimsical Warthog - 100
Effervescent Elephant - 80
Intrepid Impala - 80
Unique Uguisu - 80
Calm Camel - 64
Lucky Llama - 64
Tenacious Tamarin - 64
Xenophilic Xerus - 64
Nimble Newt - 48
Versatile Vulture - 48
Vibrant Viper - 48
Amiable Anteater - 32
Hasty Hedgehog - 32
Jovial Jaguar - 32
Keen Kookaburra - 32
Kindhearted Koala - 32
Noble Numbat - 32
Quirky Quokka - 32
Zealous Zebra - 32
Blissbul Baboon - 16
Optimistic Ostrich - 16

If you want to see the specific vote counts, click below:


Everyone who didn’t send a chart has zero points

Just for clarification, submission deadline will be noon GMT+1 on the 20th of april

Submissions have now closed, voting thread will be up sometime today