Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Round 2 voting

Round 2 voting will begin! 17 people have submitted their charts, each with their own unique take on the song, you can download all the Round 2 charts here:

Round 2 charts

Cdtitles are labelled with any specific requests for the chart a charter gave. (CMOD or XMOD etc). If a charter gave me no info, it will just be the name!

You can vote using the form below!

Voting form
Voting will last until the 27th of April!
To charters, obviously do not reveal which chart is yours, even if you figure it out.

Don’t harass or attack any charters. Feedback is fine, but don’t be a twat about it

If there are any problems, same as always, just message me on the forums here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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yes participants can vote too

This round was way harder ;-; can’t wait to see what people did with this because I was dead in the water from the get-go

ECT Round 2 MSD

Me, the MSD 19 player wanting to play through them:

Ralph Wiggum in Danger

And yeah, charting this was brutal due to how the audio was balanced, and any insights the other charts can give me would be a godsend. Trying to chart the song at 50% speed was a trip, though, since the vocal samples are near their original tones at that speed.

In a “playing the record backwards to hear a secret message” moment, I outright identified one of them: the Reol/Kradness cover of Childish War is apparently in this song.


This song was brutal to chart for many reasons, way harder than Jakarta Evolution in general.
Audio balancing aside, I dunno if it’s just me, but it feels like a completely different song at 40% vs 100% speed. Have we crossed the Vapor/Nightcore Threshold?

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For sure. The nuance that sticks out on lower speeds fades away on full speed. I was on 80% speed for a good portion of the charting progress because going any lower started messing with my perception of the song.

Not that it helped lol

Sounds like the song had the intended effect on everyone then

I am concerned about how were using the same aliases as last time… wouldn’t that form a bias on people voting who know who charted which Jakarta chart?

If someone forms a bias based off of 1-3 charts then that’s them being braindead. This applies outside of this tournament as well, forming a bias against someone’s charts off of 1-5 charts from them is stupid.

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I’m surprised no one went for chordjacks here

Voting has closed, results will be posted on round 3 thread