Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Round 1

Welcome to round 1 of ECT2023! Everyone who has entered should have recieved an email with the synced .sm and audio file! If you can’t find it, check spam!

This round is more relaxed than the others, because the music up until now was an unknown to everyone, for round 1 only, you are allowed to drop out without consequence if the song is something you have no interest in charting! All the music will be electronic like this one, but in different genres, so if that’s not your style, now’s the chance to sit back and enjoy everyone elses creations instead. From round 2 onwards, failing to submit will have consequences ^^

Round 1’s song is “Jakarta EVOLUTION” by “Kurorak”! Check it out below!

Just for clarity, I’ll go over the rules each round!

What ISN’T allowed:

No insulting/attacking other peoples entries
No harassment or bullying of any charters or organisers involved.
Must be a 4k (4 key) chart
You must submit the chart as a .sm or .ssc file. If you’re from another rhythm game, I’m sure there are many ways to convert your filetype to .sm/.ssc
No cutting the music. (The music is at most 3 minutes, don’t worry)
You may alter the provided sync however you like, but if the chart is off sync it will be disqualified
From round 2 onwards, you MUST submit a chart each round or you will be banned from all future events. Failure to submit during round 1 is perfectly fine.
Sharing your chart before the end of the event, to avoid people knowing who made what.
If making modcharts, don’t put anything malicious in them (Obviously)
Collaborations are not allowed

What IS allowed:

Dumping is allowed.
Gimmicks (Such as the cmod gimmick or “rolltech” and other obscure playstyles).
Modcharts (Including lua stuff).
Xmod charts.
Visual things (such as colour theory).
Sharing/showing off your chart from round 2 onwards.
Any other creative/unique thing you can do with a song, so long as it uses the required formats (.sm or .ssc)

You have until the 6th of april to chart this track. ^^
Best of luck, everyone! I can’t wait to see peoples approach!
If you have any questions, you can leave them in this thread OR send me a message privately on the forum and I’ll answer them


Is there any particular method the organizers would prefer for leaving our names on the charts? There are several ways to go about it:

  • Using the .sm file's CREDIT field
  • Providing our names on the chart difficulty
  • Having our names be part of the song folder's name
  • Not giving our names at all on the file or song folder, letting names be tracked via submissions instead
I guess I'm just a bit paranoid of some name slipping through the cracks during the process of giving everyone aliases or something - wouldn't hurt to ask this, at least.

Ah, that’s simple:

Do not provide your names anywhere, I explained how to submit with your name in the E-mail, the chart itself should be devoid of any credit. credit field blank, chart difficulty no name, song folder can have your name but I will delete the name from it and re-name it.

I’ll be going over charts submitted to make sure I can’t find any trace of their username after submission too, don’t worry.

I’m going to very very lose. c:

This song is very well done, big kudos to KURORAK for starting the competition off with an unbridled banger of a song.


Don’t worry if you struggle with any of the songs, I know everyone tends to have genres they’re better/worse at, just try to enjoy yourself, even if you aren’t confident in your charts. : D

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Since its nearing the end of the timespan, I just want to let everyone know that the the exact deadline for submissions is 4pm UTC+1 on the 6th of April.

Submissions have now closed. Voting will begin soon