Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Round 1 voting

Round 1 voting will begin! 21 people have submitted their charts, each with their own unique take on the song, you can download all the Round 1 charts here:

Round 1 charts

I have made sure to specify if you need to use xmod using the cdtitle! They are labled with “(xmod)”

You can vote using the form below!

Voting form
Voting will last until the 12th of April
To charters, obviously do not reveal which chart is yours, even if you figure it out.

If there are any problems, same as always, just message me on the forums here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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Was Noble Numbat marked xmod? The only xmod stuff here is that it changes BPM between 150 and 300 and there is no indication this is done for more than making notes red and blue so it’s kinda weird.

It was marked as xmod because i believed it was meant to be a slowjam intro. Of course since posting you and 1 other person has commented that I was incorrect, so it’s safe to ignore that tag. Apologies for the inconvenience

!!! (body is clear and it is a complete sentence >:c)

Have officially played through all of the entries and cast my votes! Thank you to everyone who submitted to the tournament!


i have voted :slight_smile:

Voting done. A lot of interesting ideas on display - everyone who submitted a chart has my gratitude~.

12th jack piano gang unite.


The sheer variety in how people put down arrows to this is Marvelous. Looking forward to playing the charts of the next rounds : )

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I would like to remind everyone, since there’s been a number of people who are acting extremely childishly, that this is a FOR-FUN event. It is an event for people to enjoy their HOBBY of charting. It’s not some professional big e-sports thing, and the attitute people have had towards it, attacking charts and bringing up dates on the .sm of submissions etc is frankly unacceptable and, to put it bluntly, deeply disappointing.

I may have been out of the community for a while but the behaviour I’ve seen has been childish at best from these people.

So, to reiterate:

Do not attack charters. Do not attack charts. This is a FRIENDLY event. I can’t believe I have to re-iterate this, but I do.


I haven’t seen anyone give feedback or reviews on the files (positive, negative, or otherwise) and I’m kinda curious to hear what people have to say about the files. Is all of this hiding somewhere I’m not seeing? o:

The things I’ve managed to see so far have been pretty scattered, mostly individual efforts to review them. There was some discussion in the Etterna Discord’s general chat on the day the voting started regarding what was submitted.

Foxfire also streamed playing through all of the submissions and talked about some of their thoughts on the charts - there’s a VOD of that available here.

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Feedback has been scattered across a few places as described in the post above mine, I’ve just had a few reports of people being extremely childish and attacking charts so I wanted to make it very clear as soon as possible that it won’t be tolerated while its still few and far between. Nip it before it grows kinda deal

Voting will end at midnight (GMT+1) today. If anyone still hasn’t voted, now’s the time!

Round 2 will begin shortly, results from voting will be included in the round 2 post