Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Final round voting

Round 4 voting has begun! 9 people have submitted their charts, each with their own unique take on what is by far the hardest song to chart in this event, you can download all the Round 4 charts here:

Round 4 charts

Due to the amount of submissions dropping below 10 for this round, the way the judges voting works has been changed! I will explain it below:

Each judge now chooses 1 chart to award 25 extra points to. If 2 or more judges vote for the same chart, the points will stack, so that chart will get 50+ extra points total!

Cdtitles are labelled with any specific requests for the chart a charter gave. (CMOD or XMOD etc). If a charter gave me no info, it will just be the name! (Unless I noticed in the editor that it is very very very clearly focused towards one or the other)

You can vote using the form below!

Voting form
Voting will last until the 25th of May!

To charters, obviously do not reveal which chart is yours, even if you figure it out.

Don’t harass or attack any charters. Feedback is fine, but don’t be a twat about it

If there are any problems, same as always, just message me on the forums here and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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The final round, this is it! Looking forward to playing the nine submissions tonight, thank you all for being a part of this challenging tournament and sticking through!


this event was super fun! ill be looking forward to the next ones :]

A tough ride to get through, but an enjoyable one with a lot of lessons to take from it.

Many thanks to Martzi for hosting this (and getting the songs commissioned, making it a new experience for everyone involved). A ton of gratitude goes out to Foxfire as well for playing through everyone’s files live in all 4 rounds, and being a consistent way for everyone to get some sort of feedback as we progressed in the tournament.

There’s just one thing left for everyone to do:



Voting has closed, final thread will be posted soon