Etterna Charting Tournament 2023 - Final results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, be it with the charters or the people playing and voting! Etterna Charting Tournament has now came to an end, and all the results will be included below!

In round 4, the judges got to pick a chart they considered their favourite out of the pool! Here’s how they voted:

  • Dour: Effervescent Elephant
  • Temma: Lucky Llama
  • Zeta: Whimsical Warthog
  • James May: Whimsical Warthog
  • Tim: Xenophilic Xerus
  • Windoze: Lucky Llama

Due to that, the bonus points from judges look like this!

  • Whimsical warthog + 50 (Zeta & James May)
  • Lucky Llama + 50 (Windoze & Temma)
  • Effervescent Elephant + 25 (Dour)
  • Xenophilic Xerus + 25 (Tim)

With that in mind, here are the results!

The gap between first and second place was unbelievably narrow at the end.

  • First place: theropfather (AKA. Whimsical Warthog) with 383 points!
  • Second place: Pogeybuster (AKA. Effervescent Elephant) with 380 points!
  • Third place: aDavid4 (AKA. Lucky Llama) with 336 points!

Though, while I want to celebrate the winners, I also want to make sure everyone is aware of how great each contestant did. Charting 4 full charts back to back with only 1 week to chart them in is not an easy task for most charters. Those who made it to the end deserve respect for making it through the event at all! Here is everyone who made it, excluding the winners:

  • Malalaika (AKA. Yeilding Yak)
  • Agyll (AKA. Xenophilic Xerus)
  • MyZterioN- (AKA. Vibrant Viper)
  • Delta Epsilon (AKA. Jovial Jaguar)
  • Toony3243 (AKA. Optimistic Ostrich)
  • Jerkface69 (AKA. Keen Kookaburra)

These charters managed to chart 4 songs they’d never heard of in only a week each, most of which pushed them out of their comfort zone too. I believe they deserve respect as well for that!

Here is the final points list, along with this round’s results:

  • Final points:
  1. Whimsical Warthog - 383
  2. Effervescent Elephant - 380
  3. Lucky Llama - 336
  4. Yielding Yak - 211
  5. Xenophilic Xerus - 180
  6. Vibrant Viper - 168
  7. Jovial Jaguar - 137
  8. Optimistic Ostrich - 135
  9. Keen Kookaburra - 123


With all that said, thank you to everyone for participating, and I hope you enjoyed the event!

I will contact the winners to pay out their earnings.

For clarity! Anyone can chart the music from this event if they wish. And the charters who took part can release their charts and edit them how they wish too. So if you wanted to chart a song and weren’t in the event, feel free to chart it.

Special thanks again to everyone who helped this happen while I was organising everything.


Thank you so very much for hosting this event, and to everyone who participated! It’s been a great time playing through all of the submissions and seeing what everyone was able to create in such a short time.


I was Calm Camel- ty to everyone who spared my R1 chart a vote o/

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For those who asked, here is my notes for all four rounds formatted into a single document: ECT 2023 Personal Notes - Google Docs

Again, they aren’t detailed, just personal tips for file placement when voting.