Compulsive Chordjack Collection (Submissions Open!)


(Looking for submissions) Join here!

Hello, as some of you know I generally only step hardcore. I found it quite interesting to start mapping some anime openings, and I started creating off of that. They don’t HAVE to be openings or closings, but must always be of Asian origin. I am really interested in creating a rather decently sized pack with a bunch of you, as I cannot ■■■ them all myself! The major purpose of this pack is to provide atleast 50 chordjack files between the ratings of 17-26 that would be challenging for the community, yet can still play smoothly(ish) on rates. I am going to accept most files as long as they’re on sync, playable, and no ridiculous spikes within the files. Oh and also they must be chordjacks!

The file must be at least 1 minute long, and I am not looking for files that will be farmed and nerfed down the road.

As long as these files are like I said playable, and with no unexpected spikes, then all dumps are accepted aswell!

I feel confident that if we can reach roughly 50 files, we will close the pack (find a real name for it too), and work on releasing a solid version!

Here’s what I am working with so far!

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UPDATE! 62 Files. We are still taking submissions. Anything song asian themed! Chordjacks! Rating 17-28! Thanks!

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